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  1. 本活動之主辦機構為允記集團控股有限公司(下稱「允記集團」)。 以示公允,集團員工不得參與抽獎。

  2. 參加者須為香港居民並必須年滿18歲,並持有有效香港永久性居民身份證。

  3. 每人參加活動次數不限。以單一發票計算,每張有效機印收據正本只限登記一次,任何重複登記的參加者,參加資格將被作廢

  4. 每位參加者只可中獎一次

  5. 參加者請確定已填寫資料,一經遞交不能作任何更改。

  6. 發票上購買日期須為推廣期內,並必須於2021年08月31日晚上23:59(GMT+8) / 2021年09月30日晚上23:59(GMT+8) / 2021年10月31日晚上23:59(GMT+8)或之前完成登記方為有效,時間以主辦機構之伺服器接收時間為準,收據日期及登記日期必須於推廣期內。抽獎會分三階段,不中獎者會自動落入下一輪抽獎。

  7. 登記後請保留所有有效正本發票作日後領獎及核實之用。

  8. 所有得奬者將於每輪指定日期前獲專人致電/電郵通知領奬詳情。所有得獎者須於每輪指定日期內領獎,逾期沒領獎者將視為自動放棄獎品,本集團不會保留獎品。

  9. 參加者須確保所有提交之資料均為真實、完整及正確,所有資料均以網上紀錄為準,錯誤或不完整輸入的資料將不被接納,參加或得獎的資格將被取消。

  10. 如得獎者登記資料與最終提供的證明文件資料不符、違反此推廣活動的條款細則或誠信原則取得活動資格,允記集團有權取消其參加及得獎資格。

  11. 如上述條款及細則之中、英文版本有任何差異,概以中文版為準。

  12. 如有任何爭議, 允記集團保留最終決定權。

  13. 推廣生意的競賽牌照號碼: 54783



  1. This promotion is organized by Wan Kee Group Holding Limited (“Wan Kee Group”). Wan Kee Group employees shall not participate in the draw to ensure fairness.

  2. Participants must be Hong Kong permanent residents with a valid permanent HKID card and must be aged 18 or above.

  3. Entries are unlimited but each original machine-printed receipt (in a single purchase) can only be registered once only. Participants with duplicate registration will be counted as invalid registration.

  4. Each participant may only win once.

  5. Please ensure the information provided is correct. No change can be made after submission.

  6. The receipt date must be within the promotion period. Participants should complete the registration on or before 23:59 (GMT+8), 2021-08-31 / 23:59 (GMT+8), 2021-09-30 / 23:59 (GMT+8), 2021-10-31 , according to the technical support company’s server time. The receipt date and registration date should be within the promotion period. The lucky draw will have three rounds. Those who do not win the lucky draw will automatically fall into the next round. 

  7. The original machine-printed receipt must be kept and presented for prize redemption and verification after registration.

  8. All winners will be notified individually via phone/email on/before the said date of each round of lucky draw. All winners must collect the prizes within the said period of each round of lucky draw, no-show means the winner give up the prize. No reservations will be allowed.

  9. Participants must ensure all information submitted is true, complete and correct, all information are based on the online registration records.  Any incorrect or incomplete information submitted will result in the disqualification of the entry and/or winning.

  10. If any of the registered information does not match with the information shown on the required documents that the participant provides for verification, or if the participant is in breach of his or her credibility in the promotion, Wan Kee Group reserves the right to disqualify the participant or winner.

  11. If there are discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of the terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

  12. Wan Kee Group reserves all rights in exercising the final decision in case of disputes.

  13. Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 54783


推廣生意的競賽牌照號碼: 54783
Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 54783

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